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  • Q. What payment method do you accept?
    A: We accept credit card payment (VISA/MasterCard).
  • Q. Why am I receiving a payment failure error?
    A: Your card can be declined for several reasons.
    Below are a few common reasons and how you can get it resolved.

    1.You have reached your spending limit.
     Please check with your credit card company for the available amount.

    2.The information you entered is incorrect.
     Please check your credit card information and make sure you entered correctly.

    3.Your card brand cannot be handled by yomoyo.
     Please make sure your credit card is either VISA/MasterCard, as those are the only payment method we accept.
  • Q. Do purchased points ever expire?
    A: Points are added to your account immediately after purchase. They will not expire unless required by applicable law.
  • Q. Can I get a refund?
    A: Sorry, we do not accept refunds.
  • Q. Is my payment secure?
    A: Yes, your payment is securely processed by our payment processor.